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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Throw the Chair

Alex's Desk at the MTC
AUGUST 12th, 2011

Sorry this is so late in the day. I would've written during laundry time but for some reason the internet was broked. But yay! P-day. It would be better if I hadn't been sick all week. Seriously though. I've gone through TWO bags of cough drops and I just can't seem to recover. I've even been taking Dayquil and NyQuil, but to no avail. I still have a cough today and my voice is still a tad raspy. I almost didn't have a voice at all Tuesday. It's just annoying. But I'm pushing through. I think everyone has gotten some form of this. Hopefully you guys have gotten that little package I sent. I'm gonna send more pictures soon.
Super glad to hear everyone had a good time in Utah. I'll start the list.
Mom: I'M SO JEALOUS YOU MET M. RUSSELL BALLARD!!!! That must have been so cool. URGH! I was listening to conference talks on Tuesday so I'm like, insanely jealous you got to meet one of the Apostles! I was gonna tell you that I was really thinking about Grandma this week. The topic for our church talk is Endure to the End. I don't know if I told you about church talks. They assign a topic and then everyone writes a talk on it, then on Sunday they just call you up. Anyway. I put a story at the beginning of mine about my Grandma. How she was the chorister in our ward and how she served faithfully and with everything she had right until she couldn't. That and singing hymns here remind me of her tons. Music reminds me of her. I don't really know what else to say about it. But, I love you! Thanks for all the packages, the Japanese on my floor eat well. Also I just gave a package of Oreo's to Elder Su'a. He likes your cookies. haha.
Dad: Thanks for the lyrics! I know it was a very strange request, but I really enjoy that song. Its like a constant reminder to never stop trying. Idk. Anyway. I wanted to tell you that I actually have been writing Kyle and he's written back. I've mentioned to him the awesome-sauceness of this place. I think he really does want to go. He really expressed his desire to serve. I'll talk to him more about it. I was gonna telly you that they sell Sobe's here, and with the missionary discount they're like $1.13 so I buy tons with the free money they give us (I know its not free, but still). I got the chance to go through this thing called a free box last night. One of the Japanese Elders took stuff he didn't want and put it in a box for anyone to have. So I took a golf ball and a Japanese phrasebook. So, yeah. I've been learning a bit of Japanese on the side. There's also a Korean Elder on my floor. I don't remember exactly where he's from, but he said it was close to Seoul. I told him that's where my Dad went and he asked if you still spoke Korean. I wasn't sure how to answer. But I love you and the example you set for me by serving.
Parker: Gettin into the rough stuff. The nitty gritty now. Glad to hear you had an awesome time at EFY! As far as football goes. Work hard. Show that you want to play. Put all your effort in and you'll be fine. I doubt they'd cut you. You've got more heart than probably half the other kids there. Just keep goin hard and never quit. Also, I've been told they play lots of Basketball in the Philippines, so Imma ball all up ons when I get back. Also. 100% Ice. I keep mentioning it, but nobody gets it. Sigh.
Meagan! Hi. I love you bunches. You are not adopted (as far as I know). Remember how you felt when you were at temple square. That feeling is just a touch of what you can really feel. I love it! I love you!
Sarah gets her own e-mail because she wrote me a letter. So there.
But, yeah! I love you guys tons! Mom I have yet to open the almonds, but I welcome more. I love almonds myself. Also please ties! They're like a currency here. Idk. Also I want more. Just not silk and skinny and slim would actually be awesome. I can get some nice ties off of those. Also I still need Brock's address? It's on the letters he sent me, I put them in my folder of stuff from school. In the bottom drawer of my desk. So if I could get that that would be awesome!!!
THANK YOU GUYS! I love getting letters from home. You have no idea. Oh. Before I go. Isa pa funny story. Our teacher, Brother Day, is a bit stern sometimes. The first day he taught us I thought he was going to throw a chair. Since that day it was my dream to witness the chair throwing ability of Brother Day. Now, he's a cool guy, but he's a punk. He told me that once I could say, in Perfect Tagalog, "Throw the chair" He'd do it. So I tried for like two weeks to figure this out, which you think would be easy, but there are multiple wrong ways to say throw. Elder Dickey made a little chair out of popsicle sticks and I figured it out. So we went to class and Elder Dickey puts the chair next to Brother Day and I sit at my desk and go. "Brother Day. Ihagis ang upuan!: And he did. Right at my head. I dodged it though. I feel really successful. Bahahaha. Anyway. Fun times. I have another story, but for next time. Remind me about the Ooga Booga thing.
Elder Moore

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