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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Alex's MTC District at the Provo Temple
AUGUST 26th, 2011


Same old grind huh? You're telling me! It's basically the same thing every day here. Not that its bothering me because every day you have something to do at some time idk. Super weird. So yeah. I'm basically the favorite older guy among the new districts. All the guys on my floor love me and I go into the other district's class and talk to the Tongan sisters all the time, in Tongan, or at least what I know from Elder Tamale. Sister Ofa says that after the mission I have to go to Tonga and she'll find me a wife. Idk about that. I would totally love to go to Tonga though.

Anyway, I'm thinking you guys should just make a business out of our backyard. That way, you can hire people to just come and maintain it and get money for letting people rent it out. That would be pretty sweet. Idk. Sounds like its been crazy around there though. I totally forgot Kelli was still there. HI KELLI! Wow. It seems like its been forever since I've seen anyone.

I got to host this Wednesday! That was so much fun. Taking the newbies to their rooms and classrooms. I felt like I did a good job. I didn't try to be too scary. And I've been helping the new district with their language stuff, which in turn is really helpful to me because it helps me remember the principles and stuff and also gives me teaching experience iffin' I wanted to become a teacher someday.
I sent an e-mail to Brock last week and I got a response so don't worry about his address anymore. I think we'll just e-mail for now. I also got a wedding announcement for Zac Reese! Geez. My life is starting to speed by.

As for the suitcases, I feel like it'll be ok. They're just sitting around and they aren't being moved too much if at all. Plus even if I did switch them now, where would I put the other one? I just don't have tons of room. Sorry. It'll probably be expensive to get them to the 'Pines, though. Idk. I'll think some more about it, ask around maybe. Get a general consensus from the teachers or something.

That totally sucks about Kyler! Aw man. If all my stuff was just gone, that would totally ruin my day.
Really glad Parker is dedicated. I think football will be a really good thing for him. Just make sure he knows that this is going to take a lot of effort on his part, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. I'm not really worried about him though. Is Sarah all ready to go!? I hope she's ready to freeze her butt off because it's going to be so cold up there.

Things for me have been going really well. I've finished the BoM, D&C, and th PoGP and now I'm starting in on the OT. We'll see how far I get. I'm not even done with Genesis yet. Sigh. Oh. I've basically decided I'm getting a motorcycle upon my return as well. Sorry Mom. I want one. Elder Mansfield and Elder Dickey have some so they're gonna help me buy one maybe. Figure out what I'd like or something. But that's a long way off. Other than that we should get our travel plans today. I might hop on later and let you know what that's gonna be if I remember. You know me. I don't remember five minutes ago. Elder Cloward is sitting next to me right now. I can't tell if he's reading this over my shoulder. Hi Elder Cloward! He's legit. Love the kid.

GRAGH! I miss my music really a lot right now. They won't even let you listen to what you brought here. Only in the field. So I'm slowly going crazy. But that's OK. I was a tad crazy before anyway.
Are you guys ready to be down two kids? It's going to be that start of your old life. :p I hope you guys are doing awesome! I love you tons!

Mahal ko kayo!!!

Elder Moore

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