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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ooga Booga!

AUGUST 19th, 2011

Elder Moore and Elder Urban
WHAT! Crazy wedding that I missed! Man. I love Polynesians. They're super nice. There are so many of them here too! Man I hate this keyboard. Ugh. It's....weird.

Sounds like the ward is keeping you guys busy. Good job. Active work is the best. I've really realized that we need to be active in our roles and in the church, that's what enduring to the end is.
Let me know what happens with Parker! I'm not too worried. I know that if he's working hard and really showing effort. They'll keep him. Plus he's related to me so he has that going for him. haha. Kick his but also about getting those merit badges done. He needs to do his project now so I don't have to do anything. :p

Nice to know Sarah is contributing to the DI. I love the DI. I don't know if I ever told you how many awesome things I found at the Logan DI. So yeah. Wow. She's about to go to college. How awesome! She just needs to be careful. Its not called BYU-I do for nothing. But please have her hold off till I get home. And as I realized when I got here, my Patriarchal Blessing is the coolest thing ever. I love it. I need to read it more. So yeah. Get that for her.

Thanks for the ties!!!!! I already traded a couple of em. :p I really liked them! And even the silk ones, no worries. I don't think it's as big of a deal as it's been made out to be. Random story. One of the Elders in the group that just left on Tuesday got ties from his mom like every week. He had so many ties. It was crazy. I don't need that many. But I'm thankful for the ones I have.

Speaking of the group that just left. I was going to tell you about Ooga Booga. Its like a game that you're supposed to play on the district below you when you leave. What you do it have one person sit in a chair across from the person you're going to get. You have them follow every action you do and say Ooga Booga!" every time you do something. Eventually you have them stand up and someone pours water in their chair while they're fixed on you. Then you slam yourself down in the chair, because they have to do everything you do, exactly how you do it, they'll slam themselves down in the water. Its really funny. I think I had a wet butt for an hour. I really liked that group. I had lots of friends in it and the MTC isn't the same without them. But we did get a new batch this Wednesday. There's another Elder Moore, from Logan of all places. He's cool. I like these guys. They actually live on our floor too, so we aren't completely cut off from the rest of our zone because we live on the fourth floor.

Yeah! So I'm having a great time. I'm ready to get outta here and get to the Philippines! I'M NEXT!!!! a;sojvbhasilbvpkasjfvbh So crazy. Thanks for the constant stream of packages and letters and love!

Love you guys!
Elder Moore

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