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Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Rocked It!

Elder Moore with Elder Bingham in the MTC


How are you guys?? I'm fantastic as always, just really enjoying life here at the MTC. Today is P-Day as you are already probably aware, but this one was a bit different. We woke up at about 5:40 in the morning and set out for the temple at 6:30. The temple just opened back up on Monday so this is the first chance we had to go. I have to say. It was really cool. The Provo temple is HUGE! Three floors including a basement. I was just amazed with the sheer size of the place. I was also kind of nervous I'd mess some stuff up because I didn't have any help, but I did OK, which was a huge blessing.

How goes/went Oregon? I hope you guys had a good time. I hope that is you still plan on picking me up that I can make your stay in the Philippines enjoyable. Did you get my pictures?? I'm looking to take and send more really soon.

We got a new district on Wednesday, because the older one just left Monday afternoon. And Josh Waite is in it! I'm not sure if you know him at all. Sarah might. He went by Kale when he lived in Vegas. But that was super legit. Also we had an Elder come in from Samoa. I asked him if he knew Apaau and he said he did, but I'm not quite sure he understood me.
I'd actually like to take a sec and tell you about Elder Tamale. The Tongan Elder. He's 24 and the only member of his family that's a part of the church. His faith is amazing. He's a huge example to me, I don't think I could do what he's doing. My point in telling you this is that his home is far away, and I'm not sure how thrilled his family is about what he's doing. Therefor,he doesn't get many letters. Elder Yost's dad wrote Elder Tamale a letter, just expressing love and support for him, and that letter means so much to Elder Tamale. I would really love it if you guys would send him a letter. Just to encourage him, support him, and help him feel loved. His address is the same as mine, just with Elder Tamale instead of Elder Moore. I know it would mean so much to him to get a letter from someone.

For Mom! I'm so glad you got to use Preach My Gospel! It's so fantastic. Everything you could ever want, you can find in there. I know that if you try to use it for your lessons they'll get super easy. Especially since you don't have to teach in Tagalog. For Dad! I asked about the whole names thing, and we don't get new ones. They'll just use ours, but the way they pronounce some will be different. In Tagalog, when you have two vowels that are the same right next to each other, you pronounce them both. So you'd pronounce our last name Mo-ore. I actually had a cool little story. I was down on the second floor of our residence (I live on the fourth, but the rest of our zone is on the second for some reason) and I heard some Elders talking about how they get different names when they go to Korea, and they were wondering how that happened. So, because of the last letter you sent me, I popped my head in and told them "When my dad was in Korea they did this" and explained it to them. It was really cool.

As for things I need. Food is not one of them. I figure I'm averaging about four packages a week. So I'm getting plenty of snacks. Make sure to send Carol a huge thanks from me. She put a little note in one of the boxes I got and it was really nice of her to do that. I do need more black socks. For some reason I don't have enough. Black Nike socks. Like the ones I have. A pair of mine have a hole in 'em. Sad day. A Camelbak also sounds like a great idea! I can definitely use that when I get to the field. I still haven't gotten more shirts, which I really do need. I'm having to wear the same one like three times in a week. Nasty.

I'm totally starting to miss my music. Like it kills me because I can't even remember half the lyrics to a lot of songs! GRRR!!! CURSE MY HORRIBLE MEMORY!!!

I'm so glad to hear you guys are doing OK. That everything is going well. I pray for you guys every night. Actually basically all the time. Mahal ko ang pamilya ko. (I love my family)

I actually am starting to feel somewhat confident in the language. Elder Johnson and I taught all of lesson 2 Thursday night and we rocked it. It was so cool. Keep sending news from the front! I look forward to hearing from you every week and I look forward to my *cough*siblings*cough cough* writing me.

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!

Elder Moore

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