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San Pablo Philippines Mission
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting letters is BOMB!

Alright. Here we go. I seriously miss good food. Like a ton. You have no idea. But yes. I am getting TONS of packages. Like maybe four a week. Which is awesome! I'm seriously running out of space on my board to put all the cards, and there is no way I can eat that much food! Even sharing it is hard, because everyone is all oh no I don't want any. Pfft. Lame right? I have gotten the opportunity to do some laundry, which is overall not a horrible experience and I will let you know that you did not waste any money on those shirts. They don't wrinkle at all! So nice. All my stuff is still in once piece and nothing a shrunken yet. So I would say that overall its going well. I doubt I'm missing anything from my suitcase, but I try to not open that one stuffed with the pillow, because its annoying to close up. Funny story though. Earlier this week they called me into the travel office for something to do with my visa. They told me I needed my passport when I got there so I went back to my room and looked in every pocket of every suitcase and I couldn't find it. So I go back there and the guys looks at his paper and goes. "Oh, we just need your picture." I was like. Serious? It was kinda funny. This week has gone by so fast. I swear it was Tuesday yesterday. Its all becoming a blur. Days are over before I know what happened. Tuesday was actually super awesome though. I had the coolest experience at the fireside. It was so spiritual. I wrote all about it in my journal, yes I keep a journal, who knew? So when I get back you can read it. Because I will allow it. The letter from Kyler was super cool as well. I was surprised when I opened up that envelope and it was from him. I wrote him one back but I don't really know where to send it so I'm gonna send it with my pictures later today. So far I've kept every letter I've gotten and I've dated all of them so I know in which order they've come. Something to keep them in would be great though. They're beginning to overflow on my desk. For Mom, I was looking around today for a scripture and the one that I found that really stood out to me was 2 Nephi 4:16. It was really cool and even though it's short I feel it speaks volumes. Today had been awesome. P-day is basically the best day ever. We as a district have decided to hold nightly ninja games and P-Day we do a tournament to see who the sensei is for the week. Today was lame though. Nobody played and it just wasn't fun. I did manage to write a story today though, which is something I wanted to do more of, so that's good. I know it sounds weird, but I really enjoy writing, like just putting my imagination on paper. I've gotten letters from lots of people, and I wrote even more letters today. Like I've just been in a writing mood. Tagalog is getting better. I actually understand how to formulate a sentence now so now it's just vocab. We're teaching new investigators tomorrow I believe so hopefully we can put those new words to use. Teaching is fun when you know what you're saying. Like I said, time here just flies, but I want to get out, yet I want to stay at the same time. Like I don't want my time here to be a blur, but I'm so ready to just get over there and teach those people! When we were cleaning this week, we do service every Thursday and we clean the buildings and stuff, the guy that was in charge of the building I was in went to my mission! So he was telling us that they ate dog, but its stringy and tough. He also said that they have tons of snakes there. So not for Mom. But he said that killing a snake gets you some reputation because Filipinos are really scared of snakes. I thought that was funny. As far as exercise goes, don't worry about me. We get gym time nearly every day, otherwise we'd go crazy, and every night I do push ups with Elder Tamale. He's from Tonga and he's ripped. Like just built. So I do the Tongan workout with him. Its pretty legit. Geez my wrist hurts. This desk is awful. Anyway. How's life in Vegas? I imagine its hot, cause its a tad hot here, but it rained a couple days in a row, which was super nice, but that made it humid. Which I suppose I need to get used to. Oh! I also bought a little secondary journal that I have other missionaries and stuff write in. Its a cool way to remember people you met here who ship out before you or after you and the like. The older district just got their travel plans and they leave on Monday I think and then we get new Filipino meat on Wednesday. I think we're gonna scare them senseless. I'm having a great time! Its weird. I feel totally isolated from everywhere. Like I'm not just in Provo, but somewhere else entirely. Make the kids write me! I want to hear from them! Make Uncle Jim have his kids write me. I get letters from him each week, but not from the kids. I want to hear from them. Make Aunt Holly write me. heck. As many people as you can. getting letters is BOMB! Sorry this letter is a tad random. I'm just going train of thought because I want to use up all 30 minutes of my time.

I love you guys!!!!

Elder Moore

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