Elder Alex Moore
San Pablo Philippines Mission
MTC Mailbox # 161
PHI-SAN 0905
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First EMail!

Arriving at the MTC

Kamusta po kayo!?

I'm having a wonderful time here at the MTC. Still no sign of Mitchell but I did manage to run into Nick Urban, he's going to Oklahoma! Since Mom probably wants to know, the only mail I got so far was from her. Slamat po for that by the way, those cookies are AWESOME! I'm not sick. At least I don't think I am. My arm was sore for about a day after I got that shot but, its all better now. Sorry to hear that Meagan is though. Or was. Not sure. Also glad to hear that Parker finally got what he wanted for all that time. Ask him if it's worth it for the sun coming through the window every morning. I miss you guys tons! But I know that you're all safe and sound. I believe it was President Waite that told me that families with missionaries out often receive blessings that they don't notice just for having a family member in the field, so I would like to know if you spot any random blessings while I'm away. As for right now I'm only allowed to e-mail family, so if anyone else would like to write make sure they write a letter. Usually I have P-day on Fridays, but since this is my first week at the MTC they gave us like a little half P-day today. So look for letters on Friday. Tell Sarah that I've been playing sand volleyball during gym time, since the actual gym is closed for reflooring, and I find myself doing pretty well considering I don't really play except for with her. My first companion, who will be with me the whole time I'm here is Elder Johnson from Blackfoot, Idaho. He went to BYU so we have a bit of a schooling conflict, but I still love the guy. He's very funny, but knows when to be serious. He's already our district leader! We have another Elder in our district from Tonga, Elder Tamale, or Hot Tamale as we call him, and then another from Queensland, Australia, Elder Rostad. He does these really funny high pitched hiccups. All in all I'm having a great time. The food is at least edible, some of it is much better than others and the meat is ALWAYS dry, but they do have coke, it's just caffeine free. My teachers are awesome, Brother Day and Brother Welch, they always talk to us in Tagolog so it can be hard to understand, but thankfully they know lots of hand signals to keep us informed. After just three days of being here I already know that this is the Lord's errand and I'm really excited to get over to the Philippines and teach those people.

I love you guys tons and I miss you tons and I promise I'll write every week. I'd like a little more letters though, Elder Johnson has already gotten about 6. So persuade some people to write me if you could.

Love you guys!

Elder Moore

P.s. Those Tagolog word I put are "Hello, How are you?" and "Thank You"

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