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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wise Owl

Mom and Dad MTC Hug

Hey guys!

I finally have my first real P-Day and it's awesome. Ok I'm going to try to do this by letter.

I love you tons! Thanks for all those packages and letters you send me. It feels great to get mail and know that people are thinking about you. I miss your food, the food here is like trying to eat death. Not that great. Otherwise I'm having a great time. The language is tough but its way cool and all the guys in my district are awesome. I use my Australian accent with Elder Rostdad as much as I can, because he doesn't mind and it makes him feel like he's at home, plus I really enjoy talking like that. I love you! I pray for you guys all the time.

So nice to hear from you! I know how busy you are. I just wanted to tell you I got a really cool letter from Uncle Jim and he told me all about what it was like when he was here. AY! Mahal Kita Dad! Miss you!

We def have to go see Harry Potter, I need it. My teacher actually went on a date to go see it last night. He's crazy. Basically my day consists of waking up at 6:30, then usually we eat breakfast and go to class, which is three hours, it's like being in school again. Awful. Then lunch, maybe gym - we get gym every day but it's always at a different time, and then we get 30 min to shower and get ready and go back to class. That's really about it. All the rest of the time is personal study or something like that.

Seriously? Thats all you got for me? Weak. That was like two sentences. But glad to hear you enjoy the room, its probably the best one in the house. Football is awesome and bleachers are hard, but you haven't gone through hell week yet so don't start complaining now. It honestly is one of the best times you will ever have. I asked Uncle Jim to, but I'll ask you too. Make a list for me of all the stuff I miss and then me and you will have to go through and check em off when I get back.

Even though you didn't write I just want you to know I love you. I heard you gave a talk last Sunday and you did awesome! Wish I could have been there!

Ok, just before Mom starts freaking out. I have been taking pictures. I'll just print some out and send them home in a couple days or so. Sound good? Awesome. Like I told Dad, please write me letters, I don't have enough time to read them though email!! GRRRR. Anyway. I just want you guys to know that I love you so much, and I wish I could be doing all these fun things with you, but the Lord has called me to serve and so I'm answering that call. BTW. Most of the Elders in my district have seen my family photos and decided you guys are a good looking bunch, so we'll see what comes of that. We also played a huge ninja tournament today and we all got names, I'm the Wise Owl, I believe its because I'm the only one of us wearing glasses. Oh, well. Getting to be great friends with everybody here and I love just hanging out with them and playing volleyball and stuff. It honestly is super cool. So just wanted to let you know that I'm always thinking about you and I really love your letters, but we're only supposed to write back once a week, so don't overload me OK?


Elder Moore

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